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Hey guys!I'm sorry to have to inform that I will not be continuing this blog page...On the bright side, however, I am happy to tell you that I have made a contract with publisher Shidzu.I will be writing a different genre of articles for them but it is go

Hi everyone.Recently, the world was enveloped in deep sorrow as the cathedral of Notre Dame collapsed in flames.While I myself found this event a sad thing, I also had a different feeling; a sense of Mujyo (=無常観).This is not something unique to Japan,

A start of a new era

Hi everyone!Recently (on April 1st), the name for a new era in Japan has been announced.Reiwa (=令和) means "Order and Harmony" and is hoped to bring a pleasant era.In this article, I would like to write about Japanese calendar years.1. The Japanese eraIn

Spring equinox

Hi everyone!March 20th is the spring equinox (in Japan, it is actually March 21st due to time difference).While equinox is viewed as the first day of spring in western culture, the first day of spring is on Setsubun in Japan and other countries that used

Ceremonial Cultures in Japan

Hi everyone!!In Japan, March is the end of the school year (and consequently in many companies), and April is the beginning.There are many ceremonies going on around this season and I will like to share some about it.Spring is the season where you part yo